Sarah Quinlan

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Thank you to Emma for delivering a series of music therapy workshops for families affected by heart disease across Northern Ireland. They were really fantastic, and our families took a lot from them with comments like ‘It was amazing to see our little girl play and engage in a way we didn’t think she could’ to ‘There was something for everyone and it passed too quickly – can we do it again please!’. Would highly recommend MTCNI to other groups Read more

Eileen, Brian and Catherine Foley

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Catherine has two rare disorders: Kleefstra syndrome which causes her severe learning difficulties, low muscle tone and communication difficulties, and Autistic Catatonia a very severe form of autism whose symptoms include difficulty moving and blindness for months at a time along with the usual features of autism. Music therapy has provided Catherine with a means to express herself, to communicate, to engage in a musical conversation when otherwise her world has become very closed and shut down. From when she Read more

Anne Magill

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For well over a year now a group of 10-12 women from our organisation have been involved in music therapy, in the form of a choir, with Emma Donnelly. The women who use our services have all experienced mental health struggles and take part in our programme as part of their recovery to wellness. The choir on a Thursday evening has become a very important part of that process for all of them. Through the music and singing they have Read more