Workshops & Training

In an effort to promote Music Therapy in Belfast and Northern Ireland, we strive to increase awareness about the discipline, its positive effects and who can benefit. As a result we also offer Music Therapy workshops & training services throughout Northern Ireland. For more information, please see below.

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As well as providing information sessions & ‘one-off workshops’ to raise awareness about Music Therapy, MTCNI also offers training courses on:

  • Music and Communication
  • Music and Autism – A Multi-Sensory Approach
  • Music to Enhance Parent Infant Bonding

These workshops maybe beneficial for community playgroups, crèches etc. who would like to obtain new skills in using music with young children. The workshops are fun, interactive and hands on. They will cover the theory surrounding child development and how music can facilitate this development.

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and understand the profession of Music Therapy
  • Understand the benefits of using music with children with autism
  • Promote the health & well-being of clients
  • Recognise and appreciate some of the challenges that may arise for children with autism within a musical setting (for example: children who are sound sensitive)
  • Gather some practical techniques and sensory ideas for engaging a child with autism through the use of music

Other Workshops

MTCNI can also provide training & sessions in a variety of other areas, including Developing Language and Communication Skills Through Music’. These sessions are recommended for parents, professionals or groups working with children and young adults with special needs or those with communication difficulties.

These sessions will: