Eileen, Brian and Catherine Foley

Catherine has two rare disorders: Kleefstra syndrome which causes her severe learning difficulties, low muscle tone and communication difficulties, and Autistic Catatonia a very severe form of autism whose symptoms include difficulty moving and blindness for months at a time along with the usual features of autism.

Music therapy has provided Catherine with a means to express herself, to communicate, to engage in a musical conversation when otherwise her world has become very closed and shut down. From when she was four years old with Julie Sutton, through a succession of music therapists while attending Oakwood and Glenveagh Special Schools through to her therapy for the last three years with Emma and Music Therapy Connections N.I. Catherine has found her music therapy session to be the highlight of her week, a time where she is heard, can take her turn and be valued for who she is no matter what limitations her many disabilities cause her.

To anyone thinking about introducing their children to music therapy with Music Therapy Connections N.I. we say: “Try it out – you won’t regret it!”