Michelle McGlade-Buick

Parent Services Link Worker
Colin Neighbourhood Partnership

Emma is currently delivering music therapy to a group of parents with children who have autism. The parents and children love it! They come into the class very excited and the interaction that the children now have with each other is great. Emma has developed a great rapport with the families.

I have noticed an improvement in the confidence levels of the children. Also the parents are much more relaxed and look forward to coming every week to the session. Some of what is learned in the music therapy sessions is then being used in the home, i.e parents giving their children more opportunities to experience turn taking as this can be a big issue for these young people.They have developed many skills such as listening, increased communication and sharing.

I feel that music therapy has been a fantastic intervention for these families. There are limited services that can help to develop these young people’s skills (such as communication, self awareness and confidence), and I am very keen for as many families as possible to avail of this service. I would definitely recommend the service to any family who have children with learning difficulties.