Music Therapy and Early Interventions

mtcni-early-interventionsMTCNI works within the area of Music Therapy and early interventions. Example settings include: nursery schools, parent infant groups and community programmes to offer early intervention music therapy at an accessible community level. MTCNI currently facilitates mother toddler groups in the community.

Music Therapy can take place with individual or as part of a group. During these sessions our goals are to:

  • Promote the overall wellbeing of a child.
  • Engage the child in fun, expressive social interactions
  • Develop strong connections between child and care-giver.
  • Improve and facilitate the child in achieving development milestones.
  • To empower care-givers to strengthen the quality of their relationship with their child.
  • Connect families and communities through the fun medium of music.
  • To act as a role model in using music to facilitate the achievement of development milestones.

Other Areas Include: